Guidelines – Medical Research 

Who can apply?
A PhD researcher at a Swedish University / college conducting qualified medical research. The funds are paid out to the University / college.

Research areas

  • Brain diseases including psychiatry.
  • Infection / Chronic inflammatory diseases.


  • Applications can only be approved one year at a time.
  • Applicants who are granted a grant may, upon renewed application, receive grants for a period of maximum 3 years. Financial report must have been received if the application relates to a continuation of a previous application.
  • Other contributors and other applications for the project are to be reported in the application.
  • Goals, purpose and desired result should be stated in the application

Application Procedure – Medical Research 

 Applications for grants can only be submitted through our web-based application system, which is open during the period November 1 – January 31. The application, including all attachments, must be submitted to the foundation no later than the application deadline.


Before starting your application process, you should prepare following:

  • Project Info
  • Project name Please Note! The name should be in Swedish
  • Previously received funds from Hedlunds Stiftelse
  • Project summary (max 4 000 characters)
  • Background (max 4 000 characters)
  • Purpose (max 4 000 characters)
  • Issue (max 4 000 characters)
  • Methodology (max 4 000 characters))
  • Execution Plan (max 4 000 characters)
  • Costs
  • Other contributors
Files to be attached:
  • CV
  • List of publications
  • Reference list

Create account and start a new application 

From “My Page”, select "Start a new application" Then fill in your application step by step. You can click "Finish" at any time to save your started application and later log in to continue. When your application is complete, and all ‘Steps’ are green-marked it can be submitted. Once you have submitted your application it can no longer be revised by you. However, you can go back to "My page" and review it.


If you have questions regarding the content of your application, the digital application system or problems with the application, you are welcome to contact us.

After the Board meeting in April/May you will receive an e-mail whether you have been allocated funds or not. If you have not received any mail from us by end of May, we recommend you to check your spam before contacting us.


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